Exclusive Look At The Jaguar XE | Jaguar Minneapolis

No one ever said Jaguar wasn’t one to break the rules. We have the exclusive scoop on the brand new Jaguar XE. While it isn’t set to make its US debut until 2016, we feel certain that this new generation of Jaguar models is sure to make some waves.

Completing Jaguar’s all-new sedan line-up, this compact premium sports sedan was designed to surpass all expectations built by its predecessors, the XF and XJ. The Jaguar XE is bound to rewrite the rules of luxury and performance.

The XE will be the first of a new generation of Jaguar cars to be created on a state-of the-art, all new Advanced Aluminum Architecture. This structure is incredibly lightweight, designed to deliver maximum power and responsive handling. At the same time, it creates an incredibly strong body, protecting you and your passengers from every angle.

The Jaguar XE will have no shortage of in-car technology. In fact, developers will be introducing a complete suite of innovative entertainment systems and driving aids that have developed from scratch. The XE will be equipped with the full package of Jaguar InControl Apps® allowing drivers to access their smartphone’s app through the XE’s 8” touchscreen. The Jaguar InControl remote also allows drivers to control vehicle functions such as climate control, locking or unlocking doors and even starting the engine all from their smartphone.

Giving new definitions to luxury and convenience, Jaguar’s Head-Up Display is an industry first like never before. Using high-contrast color images and laser technology, Heads-Up Display projects razor sharp images directly into the driver’s sightline onto the windshield. This technology will supply the driver information such as speed and navigation instructions.

The cutting-edge Jaguar XE will usher in a new era of connected cars. Jaguar is leading the industry in luxury and innovation and Jaguar Minneapolis is leading the pack as your source for all the latest news on the Jaguar XE.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check our blog often to keep up with all the exciting details.
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