Move over 007, there is a new star in town. Lasts week Jaguar Minneapolis hosted a special preview of the James Bond Film, Spectre. If you were unable to attend this event, there is no need to worry. We’re here to spill the secrets of the film’s real star, the Jaguar C-X75.

The C-X75’s stunning and futuristic design is astounding. Even more astounding though, is the vehicle bumpy path to existence. Like so many supercars before it, the C-X75 almost never made it past the prototype stage. Originally developed to celebrate Jaguar’s 75th anniversary, they concept for the C-X75 was built in house and debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2010.

Developed as a study for what future hybrids could be, the C-X75 was powered by a combination of a micro gas turbine engine and an electric motor on each wheel. Only one of these concept cars was made and it was quickly obvious this car could never be more than a concept. Although the vehicle’s generating system produced energy in an efficient manner, it operated at such a high temperature the vehicle was always close to its melting point. Jaguar then turned to Williams Advanced Engineering for a solution to the C-X75’s problems.

Williams developed the first fully functional prototype in a mere 18 months powered by a twin-charged 1.6 four-cylinder and two electric motors up front. Jaguar announced in 2011 that they would build 250 units retailing for more than  a million dollars. Williams built five fully carbon fiber models before Jaguar decided to stop the project in 2012 due to the financial crisis.

All hope seemed to be lost for the Jaguar C-X75. That is until James Bond came knocking. The creators of the Bond franchise approached Jaguar Land Rover about resurrecting the C-X75 for the starring role in the franchise's newest installment, Spectre. The vehicles for the Bond film had to be heavily modified and reinforced from the original high-maintenance prototypes in order to survive the five-week movie shoot and demanding stunt scene work.

Not only did Williams have to create a more durable C-X75 in record time, but the production team needed five of them. In a span of just 10 weeks, Williams had the first car ready, finishing the fifth model just four months later.

Rumors suggested that the C-X75’s starring roll in Spectre might be enough for Jaguar to put this stunning vehicle back on the production track, but Jaguar Land Rover has yet to confirm anything. Have you seen the film? Let us know what you think of the C-X75’s debut!

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