Why We Can't Wait for the Jaguar F-Pace | Jaguar Minneapolis

Buckle your seatbelts folks, the F-Pace is coming. Now we are not ones to normally jump the gun, but we can't curb our excitement over Jaguar's new F-Pace performance crossover. That's right, a crossover. Jaguar's largest car yet is set to make its US debut in 2016, but we are already dreaming of all the possibilities.

The new F-Pace is based of the C-X17 concept car, which was debuted at the Fanfurt Motor Show in 2013. There was such an overwhelming positive response to the concept car that Jaguar knew they had to turn this concept into a reality. While no official details about the F-Pace have been released yet, we are hoping some of our favorite features from the C-X17 have made their way to what is sure to be Jaguar's most anticipated vehicle yet.

As we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for more details about the company's newest release, we can tell you the F-Pace will provide more space than ever before. The designers aimed to combine the classic sports car inspired exterior design with a very spacious and practical luxury car. Dubbed as the "Family sport car" we think they have achieved just that.

So we know the F-Pace is spacious, luxurious and sure to be a hit. But what else can we expect from the new crossover. For now Jaguar is keeping all the juicy details top secret. But here are a few features from the C-X17 that we will be looking for in the F-Pace.

Futuristic Interior Design

Based off the pictures of the C-X17 it feels like you are looking at a space ship. This modern design not only allows for more space within the cabin, but looks breathtaking too. Our fingers are crossed for the out of this world aesthetic.

Double Duty Trunk

We know space was the inspiration behind this newest vehicle. But the designers have outdone themselves with this double duty trunk. The spacious cargo of the concept car offers surprising flexibility with two leisure seats that swing up and out when the car is parked and the tailgate open.

The Sky Roof

Adding to the spaceship feel of the crossover, the panoramic roof compliments the spacious and open interior. Featuring unique contoured vanes to create a elliptical panoramic view, this roof gives your view that can’t be beat.

Top Notch Technology

You know those walls in the television crime shows that are basically giant transparent touchscreens that you can manipulate to your hearts content? The dream is realized in the top of the line vehicle. Featuring the Interactive Surface Control, this multi-screen infotainment hub allows passengers to upload pictures, music, video and other sound files from their mobile devices and share them with fellow passengers as well as social media networks.  On top of all that, the console also features a rotary gear shift that glows, which we think is just plain cool.

While the public still doesn't know which of these features will make their debut in the new release, one thing is for sure, the 2016 and Jaguar's F-Pace High Performance Crossover can’t get here fast enough.
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