Why the Jaguar F-Type is Perfect for Open Road Adventure | Jaguar Minneapolis

It is summer. The sunshine is bright, the weather is warm and the open road is calling your name. With a very limited time of warm weather here in Minneapolis we take every chance we can to get outside. What a better way to celebrate a glorious summer day than with an open road cruise?

The most important part of an open road cruise is making sure you have the correct vehicle for the job. You vehicle needs to be able to handle the curves of the road with ease, be up to date on the latest technology and be spacious and comfortable. Is that too must to ask for all in one car? When you are talking about the Jaguar F-Type, the answer is no.

We have poured over the options, searching for the best vehicle for your next open road adventure. After much deliberation we decided the Jaguar F-Type is a strong competitor. We have assembled a list of the top three reasons Why the Jaguar F-Type is Perfect for Open Road Adventure.

Cargo Space to Spare

Don't let the sporty appearance of the F-Type fool you, this coupe has room for it all. Complete 11.65 cubic feet of space in the trunk, or 7 cubic feet with the convertible, this Jaguar can carry an entire set of luggage or two golf bags. 

For loading with ease, a powered tailgate option comes standard on the F-Type R and can be added to the F-Type and F-Type S. With the simple click of a button the tailgate can be opened or closed to lend you hand when your arms are full.


Peace of Mind Technology

When cruising down the open road, let your Jaguar do the worrying when it comes to safety and precision. Coming standard on the F-Type S AWD and the F-Type R, Jaguar uses a combination of their Instinctive All Wheel Drive and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics systems to keep you on the right path. This technology will monitor traction for all four wheels independently. When traction starts to slip, these systems will keep you in control by sending power to the wheels that need it most. 

12 Second Conversion

Who doesn’t love going for a drive with the top down? The new F-Type convertible makes it even easier to feel the wind in your hair. Forget to put the convertible top down before you hit the road, or maybe you got caught in a sudden rain shower again? Don’t worry about finding somewhere to pull over ever again. Now in as little as 12 seconds you can raise or lower the top at speeds up to 30 mph. 

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