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School is back in session and with that brings busy fall schedules. As schedules begin to fill, life can get a little overwhelming. Mornings become a rush of pancakes, backpacks and missing shoes and evenings are now filled with after school practices and homework.

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Organization and a structured schedule are the keys to be successful during this busy season of life. Don’t get lost in the back to school shuffle, keep reading and see our back to school breakdown to learn how you can stay organized and on top of things.

Quick Clean Up

When you are constantly on the go, the last thing you are thinking about is cleaning out your car. However, just taking 15 minutes once a week to reset your car will make a world of difference in your daily life. Starting your week with a clutter free car will get you on the right foot for a successful week.

On-The-Go Snacks

Stop wasting time and money in the fast food line when you or your kids need an after school snack. Keep a small box with a lid of non-perishable snacks like granola bars, fruit snack, dried fruit, peanut butter crackers, water bottle and juices boxes in your car. Make sure the box is accessible to either yourself or your children so that you won’t have to stop when someone gets hungry.

Be Prepared

This tip will make cleaning your car at the end of each week so much easier. Keep a wet wipes and a roll of paper towels in your car. Wet wipes will quickly clean up sticky fingers, while paper towels are useful in the event of a spill. Another handy trick is to keep a car trash bag in your vehicle to collect trash in throughout the week.

Plan Ahead

This is the number one tip for streamlining your daily routine - load your vehicle the night before. Load up any bags, backpacks or sports equipment you would usually load in the morning. Place everyone’s shoes by the door and layout the dishes for breakfast in the morning. If lunches can be assembled the night before, put them together and leave the in the fridge. Be sure to lay out the lunch boxes to prevent anyone’s lunch getting left behind. If you will take care of all these tasks the night before, your mornings are bound to run like a well oiled machine.
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