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School is here and summer is fading. Kids across the country are mourning the end of their vacation as they pack their backpacks and prepare for class. Help the kids have a more positive outlook on their return to school with a celebration. What’s the best way to celebrate you ask? We think ice cream is always the obvious answer. Lucky for you the Twin Cities are packed with dozens of ice cream shops, each with their own unique twist.

With ice cream this tasty it can be hard to make a pick just one. We say, "Why choose?" Multiple ice cream shops just call for multiple celebrations. So grab the kids and get ready to eat your way across the city with our list of the best places to get ice cream in the twin cities.

Cone Brothers Ice Cream Cafe

6633 Penn Ave S., Richfield


Cone Brothers is a locally owned and operated ice cream café that offers a taste close to home. All of their ice cream is made from creamery farms in Wisconsin and Iowa. Serving ice cream in a multitude of flavors, Cone Brothers also serves smoothies, hot dogs and chili dogs.

Scoops Ice Cream & More

7700 W. Old Shakopee Rd., Bloomington?


For those looking for lots of options, Scoops is the place for you. With ice cream and frozen yogurt from five different creameries, including Annie's Yogurt, Cass Clay, Cedarcrest, Edy's, Kemps and Sebastian Joe's, the only downside is having to decide which one to try first. Choose from one of their eccentric flavors like basil, go with a classic like chocolate or request your own flavor. No matter what, Scoops is always sure to please.

Pumphouse Creamery

Pumphouse Creamery, 4754 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis?


Pumphouse Creamery is a tiny ice cream shop that focuses on all natural ingredients. Featuring organic non-homogenized cream and milk from Crystal Ball farm in Osceola, Wisconsin and housemade caramel and butterscotch, Pumphouse serves a variety of fresh flavors including passion fruit mango and sea salt caramel with praline pecans.

Izzy's Ice Cream Café

2034 Marshall Ave., St. Paul


Home of the Izzy's Scoop, this ice cream café offers more than 30 flavors a day. For those wondering what an Izzy's scoop is, you are in for a treat. This mini scoop gives the perfect size taste of an additional flavor and comes with every order. A Minneapolis classic, Izzy's Ice Cream Café hosts the annual People's Flavor Awards. Each year the winning flavor gets placed in Izzy's rotation. The 2006 winner, "Hot Brown Sugar" was even used by owner, Jeff Sommers to beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay on Throwdown! With Bobby Flay.
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